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Computerized embroidery machine

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Zhejiang Promaker Intelligent Embroidery Equipment Co.,ltd.
Zhejiang, China
  • Response Time: < 24h
  • Response Rate: 100%
Model No.: DE-A3180/82.5 Brand: PROMAKER Place of Origin: China
Packing: VACUUM

DE-A3180/82.5-600-1550 TSM TH DHO MT C3 A18


RPM: 1000RPM

Control system: Dahao Automatic Electrical Control System

Computer: 8-inch LCD

Drive System: Servo Motor

New function: Semi-auto Oil System, Thread-hold device, Choose any needle no fixed knife boring system  

Rotary Hook: Original 1.6-times Hook

Embroidery Method: Flat embroidery, linear lace, fine water soluble embroidery




Power Supply: 380V 50-60Hz

Max Speed: 1000 RPM

Control System: Dahao Automatic Electrical Control System

Drive System: Servo Motor

Design Input: By USB

Capacity: 2 Million Stitches, 200 Designs  

Supporting Language: Chinese, English, Turkish, France, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese

New function: Semi-auto Oil System, Thread-hold device, Choose any needle no fixed knife boring system



1. The unique structure of Independent boring system, without complicated color change, makes switch speed between embroidery and boring much faster, and the hole size is adjustable, and there is no difference in size and shape between each hole. This machine can be compared favorable with Schiffli machine


2. Supporting circular designs of Schiffli work(needle space 27.5mm), including boring designs, 3 inch machine would offer users a greatly increased production


3. New pantograph driving system, makes Y area 1520mm work with higher precision


4. The high speed with 1500RPM structure makes machine run 900RPM stably with extremely low thread breakage


5. Better quality wooden table, with 4 times higher hardness, can supply longer service life


6. The new frame design increases the space for changing the bottom line, which is convenient to operate. The design of large wire group frame also greatly improves the production efficiency


Company Advantages:

1. Each machine through the whole machine dynamic balance test, PROMAKER have advanced dynamic balancing test equipment, adjust & test of each machine before leave factory.


2. Rigid body structure design, 16 years of design experience, the structure design is more reasonable&rigid.


3. Head interval precision advantages, the world leader in assembly methods, equipment investment is the best in the world, to ensure the accuracy of each machine.


4. Second-hand market, high value-added advantages.


5. XY frame drive parts are machined by CNC machine, with the accuracy of 0.02 mm precision (1/3 of the hair).


6. Head straight advantage, when doing the design with the connector, PROMAKER machine achieve high precision, wire one by one, to improve the quality of embroidery, which depends on the high cost of investment in the 5-sided machining center, the machine structure accuracy is high.


7. The framework of the design are very heavy , high precision


8. Paint grade, high gloss, color, anti-yellowing performance, paint is not easy to turn yellow.


9. Equipment ABS plastic parts using higher specification products, after many years of use does not turn yellow.


10. Beautiful details, attention to detail is the concept of PROMAKER.


11. Trimming performance advantages, semi-static trimming is developed in PROMAKER,combining TAJIMA and Barudan two advantages, with a stable trimming, low probability of off-line, uniform length of the back thread, No need to clean the thread, without regular cleaning, extending the service life of trimmer, China / Turkey / New Delhi/Portugal, the customer specified this cutting system, Chinese customers evaluation, trimming well is a necessary condition for entering the high-end machines, Management of factory, improve the quality of embroidery, improve the efficiency of the necessary system.


12. Thread Broken is low, good adaptability, in use, the general customer response to the PROMAKER with higher output value, and in a variety of materials to be able to adapt to the embroidery, especially metallic yarn.


13. Design aesthetics, PROMAKER design and mold development by our self, and the market is not the same as buying a lot of imitation of us, even if it can be bought in the market, but also in poor quality, PROMAKER equipment overall sense of design sense In place.


14. PROMAKER Table material choose by higher grade , the price will be higher than others, the advantage is reflected in the wear and flatness, including texture.


15. Trademark surface printing into the mold into practice, 10 years of use of the machine as new.


16. Presser foot cam on the market is easy to wear, which is caused by the design and material, PROMAKER have HS and HP two series products, stable technology, to solve such problems, due to the core technology, inconvenient Say. Has been in the market have better feedback, HS head until November 2017 has been using a million head, lasted six years, no one presser foot cam damage, stable operation 1000RPM, HP head in the present 1300RPM passed the laboratory test, the market stable operation of 1000-1100RPM, the two kinds of technology, the current market leader.


17. PROMAKER maintain the greatest innovation capability, the old product and new technology docking is good, customers can save duplication of capital equipment costs, such as: PROMAKER has developed automatic bobbin change device, the device can be with the PROMAKER trimming  system , can not with the market trimmer system, and PROMAKER in 2015 the machine has set aside a screw hole, easy docking with the future of new technologies, for customers to consider nuanced.

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